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The Petit Hotel Alaró is named after the village of Alaró, which is situated between two of the most characteristic mountains in the Sierra de Tramuntana range, at the foot of the mountain which also bears the same name – Puig d’Alaró. With approximately 4,000 inhabitants spread over its 45 km2, Alaró is a quiet town that has preserved all the charm of times gone by. The strategic location of the village, at the base of the Sierra de Tramuntana slopes, is ideal for hiking. So much so that the excursion to the remains of the mythical twelfth-century Castle of Alaró is one of the most popular trips on the island.

Its origins date back to the Islamic period, when it was known as Oloron. Historical documentation begins in the thirteenth century, during the invasion of Mallorca by King Alfons III of Aragon, who proceeded to occupy the whole of Mallorca. The Moors resisted bravely during the Aragon occupation, and their defence of the castle was so impregnable it was in fact one of the last places on the Island to be taken by the Christian forces. FAMED FOR BEING UNCONQUERABLE…